We have received new wooden moulding from Artibalta. We are happy to present new series of wooden moulding 7682, 7786, 7795.
We have received new plastic moulding shipment from Jasmine moulding. We are happy to present new series of plastic moulding 3464 in four colours.
New plastic moulding serie Y2671 from Korea Mould is available.
Now moulding series such as 051, 103, 2025, 275, 3012, 4770, 8203 are available again. More details in the wooden moulding catalog.
We are happy to present new series of mouldings from Beldizart. In our range, we have added NA010, NA014, NA027, NA031, NA045, NA052, NA058 and NA059 in different colours. These mouldings have especially good quality of the finish and wood as well as contain classical design. Series NA058 and NA045 can be used to framed embrodery and craft work, photos and other work. NA031, NA059, NA058 can be used to frame a mirror, pictures and other pieces.
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