Chop Service

Artibalta is pleased to offer chop service (cut moulding to your dimensions) to our customers.

We eager to help our customers and somethimes this service is vital for framers. Frameshop might not have equipment to cut specific profile (especially wide mouldings) or customer order is too big and you need some assitance with capacity.

In our stock we have professional equipment to cut wide wooden mouldings and aluminum. We guarantee quality service and fast delivery.

If you want to order Chop service please contact your personal manager on our phone number (+370) 5 2330194. Alternatively, if you order goods via internet, please write "chop service" and frame dimensions into product modification field.  

Chop Service is only offered to frame shops. If you need to get picture or any other art work framed, please call us and we are happy to recommend frame shop, which will provide comprehensive service and frame your work.  

wide wooden moulding cutting machine - chop service

Chop Service has many advantages:

  •  Increasing product assortment: now your assortment has over 1500 mouldings, which is consistently renewed.
  •  You don't need to stock pieces of expensive mouldings: now you can order frames of any sizes from our exclusive collections and you don't need to worry about expensive moulding pieces.
  •  Temporarily increasing capacity: if you have many orders and you struggle to complete these in time you can shift part of your production to us, without any significant investment into new staff and training.
  •  Quality Cut: in our stock we have professional equipment to cut wide mouldings. Regular frame guillotine can cut profiles up to 10cm wide and not every saw can cut with high quality, mouldings with difficult configuration. Well cut mouldings also make joining process much easier.

aluminum moulding cutting saw wooden moulding cutting saw alfamachine underpinner