Mitre Guilliotine blade sharpening

Artibalta offers mitre guilliotine blade sharpening service. Even blades of the highest quality with regular use will lose their sharpness with time. Mitre Guillitine blades should be sharpened only with professional equipment, which is used for grinding, straightening and removing metal defects. In order to extend exploitation of the blades and provide better quality sharpening, we are using special cone sharpening, which removes notches and metal defects.  

For frame shops, we recommend to have at least 2 pairs of Mitre Guilliotine blades. It is convenient to have 1 pair of blades, which are always installed into the Mitre Guilliotine and additional pair of blades as a substitute if your main set needs to be sharpened or changed.

Why it is important to have correctly sharpened pair of blades?

Well sharpened pair of blades will help you to get clear and good quality shear. It will make joining process easier, and make joint frame without any backlashes and apertures.

Good quality mitre Guilliotine and correct exploitation will also help to achieve clear shear.

Mitre Guilliotine blades with correct and professional treatment can be sharpened multiple times and restore its initial qualities and geometry of the blade.

How to order blade sharpening from Artibalta?

Please contact your personal manager and request blade sharpening service.