Klijavimo ir laminavimo paslaugos

UAB "Artibalta" siūlo savo klientams klijavimo ir laminavimo paslaugas. Mes siūlome klijavimą ant kieto pagrindo (kartono, putų kartono, paspartu) ir laminavimą (matinį, drobinį ir kt.) karštame vakumo prese.

Kaip užsakyti klijavimo ir laminavimo paslaugas?

Prašome susisiekti su mumis ir užsakyti šia paslaugą.

Klijavimo ir laminavimo paslauga yra teikiama tik rėminimo dirbtuvėms. Jei jums reikalinga ši paslauga, susisiekite su mumis ir mes rekomenduosime jums rėminimo saloną.

Technology of artistic lamination

Artistic lamination involves, that acrilyc film is placed on the picture, which is then compressed into the picture with temperature of vacuum press. Vacuum press technology allows us to avoid any film bubles,makes picture straight and achieves good clutch between the picture and the film.

During warm lamination with our vacuum press, different film thicness and texture are used. You can achieve various effects on the picture and different rigidness levels. Conversely to cold lamination, warm lamination achieves good film clutch, which makes picture serface more resistant to damages and improves colour rendering.

Advantages of artistic lamination:

  • Lamination allows us to avoid putting artwork into glass, which is particularly usefull in the areas used by children
  • Allows to avoid glares and reflection, without expensive anti-glare glass
  • With use of lamination films you can achieve different image texture. There is glossy,matt and structural (under canvas and linen). In this case image can be perceived by our eye differently.
  • Colours became brighter, more contrast and clear and do not fade over time
  • Picture and artwork becomes more resistant from scratches,dirt and ultraviolet