Stas Picture Hanging Systems – the art of hanging art

To hang a picture or a poster was never that easy! Company Artibalta is an official distributor for Stas picture hanging systems (Netherlands) and we are offering complete range of patented gallery systems. Gallery system rail can be easily mounted into any types of walls and ceilings. Uses of Stas Hanging System are unlimited with many advantages:

  • Easy movement of posters, pictures and paintings along the wall

  • Multi-layer Exposition

  • Fast and easy installation (3 easy steps)

  • Additional option to add picture lightning.

In regards, to cooperation and installation of gallery system please contact us over the phone or write us an email and we will be very happy to help. Please select contact person, depending on your market.

For Clients in Lithuania

Miroslav Radzevič 
Telephone +370 67610833 

For Clients Latvia and Estonia

Valerijus Aliaševičius 
Telephone +370 60410206

For Clients in Belarus and Russia

Vitalij Kaliuta
Telephone +375 293440865

Please select the Hanging System:

Hаnging System Stas used in most Prestigious Galleries and Museums:

Van Gogh Museum

Mоscow Museum of Modern Art

Rijks Museum

Arnheim Museum

Picture Gallery G.Vaschenko

Balchik Gallery

History of Stas

Stas was formed in 1995 by 2 brothers, Rien and Andre Stas. Hanging Systems Stas recommended themselves as highly innovative and good quality in the gallery system and moulding markets. Stas Hanging Systems are used in the most prestigious Galleries, Museums, Universities, Government buildings, houses and company offices. Above are shown couple of examples of prestigious galleries,  which use Stas hanging systems. Full list of places, where Stas hanging system is used can be found here.

Stas received numerous awards and participated in the most prestigious exhibitions. In addition, Stas has patented over 20 innovative products.

Hanging System for various interiors

Hanging System in Offices and Education Institutions

In our product range, we have numerous solutions for offices, schools and universities. Using Stas products we can implement complex objectives for big rooms as well as installations for small rooms. With Stas Hanging systems you can display pictures, photographs, temporary exhibitions and whiteboards. There is a range of wall and ceiling picture hanging systems. White, black and aluminum colours hanging system colours will fit into strict office interior.

Hanging System for Bedrooms

Using this hanging system, you will be able to display pictures,paintings and photographs you love and adore. Below you can find examples, how hanging system can be used.

Hanging System for Kitchen,Bathroom and other rooms

Hanging system can be installed in the kitchen bathroom and other rooms. Neutral colours of hanging system will fit into any colour of the rooms and displayed pictures, paintings and photographs will help to decorate the rooms. Hanging system is suitable for any types of ceilings and walls.

Hanging system for Children’s room

Hanging system for children’s room is an excellent solution to display multiple drawings, photographs and child awards. With this system, child will be safe and won’t be able to hurt himself, as there are no nails, as all the rails are mounted near the ceiling. In addition, product range also contains paper holders, which is a great solution for school.

How to install Hanging System:

It is very easy to install Stas Hanging system and you need to follow these 3 steps:

1). Mark the wall with the pencil. Mark the wall with crosses with 50 cm distance from each other, where the rail will be mounted. These marks should be on 1 line, to make sure rail can fixate in the end.

2). Depending on the material of the wall, drill the holes for the screws. Into the screws, special shims are added. If you connect more than 1 rail, use connector in the place of rail connection.

3). With an easy click connect shim with the rail.