Tandoor Aladdin



Wall thickness - 6.5 cm (+/- 0.5 cm)

Height - 120 cm

Height without lid - 83 cm

Neck diameter - 35 cm

Diameter - 83 cm

Number of skewers included - 20 pcs. (working part length 47 cm / total length 58.5 cm)

Complete set - a poker, a scoop, a grate, a device for hanging skewers, a stand for a lid, a tandoor stand - 1 pcs.

Weight - 215 kg (+/- 5 kg)

More details


  • When you start a tandoor for the first time, heat it as gradually as possible.

  • Do not leave a tandoor ignited and exposed unattended.

  • Avoid getting water on a hot tandoor.

  • Keep in mind that in the windy weather the tongue of fire above the tandoor can be up to 1 meter high.

  • Be careful when touching hot parts of the tandoor, wear protective gloves, apron.

  • When cooking in tandoor, do not leave children unattended.

  • In case of negative outdoor temperature, heat the tandoor gradually.

  • Keep the unused tandoor covered with a protective cover.

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