Sujungėjas pneumatinis CS2CART



Cassese CS2 žymi naują sujungėjų seriją su unikaliu ir patentuotu aliuminio dizainu kuriame dera ergonomika, naudojimo lengvumas, platesnės jungimo galimybės ir aukščiausios kokybės komponentai. CS2 naudoja oro kompresorių siekiant padaryti sujungimo procesą greitesnį ir lengvesnį. CS2 CART naudoja kabes dėtuvėse, tuo tarpu kaip CS2 UNI naudoja universalias kabes.


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The Cassese CS2 is marking the beginning of the launching of a new line of Cassese underpinners with a unique and patented aluminium design which combines ergonomics, ease of use, wider joining capacities and premium quality components.

The CS2 CART must be connected to the air source located under its front panel, at the level of air connector. This is also the main difference, since CS1 UNI & CS1 CART use manual pedal, whereas CS2 series use air compressor. 

Thanks to the skills and knowledge of Cassese R&D, we managed to develop an aluminium profile structure and a stainless steel working table which are both noble components that we are proud to use for their rustproof, long lasting and eco-friendly properties. Everything has been designed for quick and easy using to achieve a perfect result.

Joining is performed by using metal wedges, a Cassese invention, specially designed to ensure perfect corners. Six standard sizes are available : 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15mm. They come in eco-friendly cartridges, thanks to a recyclable plastic, that are color-coded per size for easy identification. Cartridge wedges exist in 3 versions: NORMAL for SOFTWOOD (identifiable by their white plastic pusher), HW for HARDWOOD (identifiable by their yellow plastic pusher) and MDF (identifiable by their red plastic pusher or red sticker on individual boxes).

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