Aluminum moulding

Artibalta has a wide range of spanish production aluminum moulding. AL-Art developed strong expertise in precise surface finishes, which is very important for aluminum moulding. AL-Art aluminum moulding also has thick-walled profiles and use quality raw materials for its production. Artibalta works has good relationship with AL-Art, thus we can offer our clients great price.


Aliminum moulding has a special framing style, which can be hardly created with wooden and plastic moulding. Aluminum moulding is widely used for the modern interiors, offices,framing photography and posters. Aluminum moulding picture frames also have high durability.


Aliminum moulding is produced using the extrusion process and “state-of-art” approach, which guarantees moulding straightness and durability. Furthermore, aluminium moulding goes through anodizing process, which guarantees precise surface finish and shininess.

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