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Adapt rule kit C560

The 24″ (61cm) and 40″ (101cm) models include a non-slip rubberized base and US or metric ruled guides. The unruled 60″ (152cm) model includes a C-clamp. All models include an Upgrade Kit including nylon guides and screws allowing modification of...

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Aliuminium Saw Inglet MT481

Inglet MT481 aluminium saw has pneumatic operations used for its presser. It became easier to and quicker to hold the profile. Inglet MT481 can make a net cut with safety and allows wide profiles. Machine is also equipped with an air gun to clean...

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Framers Corner P5 Pneumatic Underpinner

P5 Pneumatic Underpinner. Twin pedal design allows the frame to be clamped securely by the rebate, prior to pinning. When additional wedges are required in a corner the moulding remains clamped whilst being moved to the next position. The position...