The company "Artibalta" is looking for cooperation between artists, designers and creative people. We want to expand the line of images of paintings by numbers and diamond painting under the Wizardi brand. You can take part in this. If you have interesting drawings, works of art that you are ready to provide us for release in the form of paintings for coloring by numbers and paintings for laying out with diamond mosaics, then we will consider your offer. The Wizardi brand is represented in most countries, on all continents. You will have the opportunity to acquaint people from all over the world with your work. Pictures will be presented under your authorship. We offer you joint cooperation, as a result of which you will receive, in addition to material reward, also image acquisitions. Send your pictures and suggestions to
Company "Artibalta" is looking for a blogger covering the field of food, restaurants, leisure, hobbies, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle. We are offering you mutually beneficial cooperation. Please send your requests to