Wooden moulding

Our Collection is represented with many famous factories across the world. We are proud to have 10 wooden moulding factories, such as Artibalta, Beldizart, Napoli Cornici, Ipla, LucasLM, In.Co.M, Euromolding, Albor, Giner.


Thanks to such quantity of suppliers we can satisfy most exacting requests of our clients. In our collection are represented about 800 samples of wooden mouldings. From classic to modern, with over 500 moulding colours and different price range. You will be able to pick wide range of choices, how to frame any artwork. Artibalta moulding stock is refreshed every month to maintain our moulding collection in full. We are also constantly renewing our collection with new profiles of moulding fashion and we are develop new mouldings based on your feedback and requests.

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