We are glad to offer our clients matboard of several companies such as: Daler&Rowney, Moorman Karton, Caneva and Whitecore.

Company Daler&Rowney has a rich more than 200 years history and is famous all over the world as an artists' production manufacturer.

Moorman Karton is also company with traditions and is known as manufacturer of backboard, matboard and other paper production.

In our stock we have about 400 samples of matboard, different series:

   Standart - cream core

   White core - white core

   Colour core - bevel of different colours (black, green, etc.)

   With conservation - white core matboard with museum quality

   Linen - matboard is covered with tissue, natural linen

   Suede - matboard has a suede front

   Stamped - on the surface of matboard are deep stamps of different ornaments

   Ornamented - surface is coloured unevenly, on upper layer are different ornaments

   Goffered - matboard's front is goffered

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