Tandoor - (aka tandoor, tendir, tonir, tanur, tyndyr, dyndyr, nandir) - among the peoples of Central Asia, the Caucasus - a clay hearth, a brazier, a stove for cooking. Tandoors are very diverse in shape and purpose: in some they bake bread, in others they bake meat and vegetables. They can be stationary - both dug in the ground and folded from refractory clay in the shape of a barrel, and they can be small, portable, for use at home. We represent Amphora Tandoors for cooking barbecue and other dishes in the yard, in the outdoors. The principle of operation of the Tandoor Amphora is as follows: firewood or charcoal is laid inside, ignited, the tandoor is heated to the maximum temperature, then meat (poultry, fish, game, vegetables, etc.) is laid on hinged skewers or special shelves. The process of baking is not on coals, but due to the powerful heat supply of the walls, which allows to ensure the speed and uniformity of roasting and to preserve the juiciness of the initial product as much as possible In our opinion, Tandoor Amphora is the best outdoor oven. You can bake any food in it, a great combination of open and closed baking gives a truly amazing effect - in Tandoor Amphora it is very easy to cook juicy shashlik, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, etc., bake, for example, whole lamb leg or a whole chicken. The unique cooking technique and high-quality design of the oven delighted culinary experts from many countries. In addition, Tandoor Amphora is a wonderful gift!

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